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Attorney Kevin B. Gibbs is a dedicated and experienced mediation consulting lawyer representing clients throughout Southern California. He knows the intricate details of the mediation process and can help spouses prepare for upcoming mediation sessions that will likely involve negotiations around divorce, child custody, and property division, among other topics. Attorney Gibbs has a wealth of experience in mediation consulting and has even written his own handbook for clients that includes worksheets and informational handouts to help them set their negotiation goals and interests.

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What Is Mediation Consulting?

Mediation is a process that requires a lot of cooperation and communication between spouses. Mediation consulting can better help individuals prepare for mediation sessions by equipping them to brainstorm their goals, needs, and interests in mediation. Attorney Kevin B. Gibbs, in fact, has written a mediation preparation book for clients to assist them throughout the mediation process, and spouses can consult experienced mediation consultants like Attorney Gibbs to prepare for their sessions.

Mediation consultants can help spouses organize the issues on the table and inform them about what to expect in the mediation process. To get the most out of the mediation sessions, spouses should prepare themselves to discuss the various issues in their matter, and the mediation consultant they work with can work with them to collect the necessary information to be discussed in mediation, from post-divorce concerns like child custody to property division.

Mediation consultations aim to lay the groundwork for a successful mediation session to come. Most clients may never have been in mediation before and don't know what to expect, so mediation consultation may help the clients feel more at ease, prepared, and goal-oriented going into mediation.

Note that while the spouses’ voices will hold the most power in mediation, mediation consultations may allow for more guidance and assistance from a consultant to answer any questions spouses may have about the process. The mediation consultant will provide background information about the mediation process and help them evaluate the terms to bring up during negotiation. Commonly, mediation consultants will seek basic information about their clients including names, addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses, as well as information of their children if they will be part of the mediation discussion.

What Will Be Discussed?

In addition to what has been mentioned above, it is important during the consultation to discuss any next steps clients will have to follow outside of mediation, such as completing financial disclosures and other forms. A mediation consultant will likely provide any such relevant materials.

Mediation consultants might also review with their clients the high-level decisions they will need to make during the mediation process. For instance, in a divorce mediation, the clients may need to make decisions about alimony and property division, and if they have children, they should expect to make decisions about custody, parenting time, child support, and child expenses not covered by child support. Each of these topics can be very complex, and a mediation consultant can better help the spouse organize their thoughts and goals for each of these issues.

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If you are currently looking to pursue mediation to resolve your divorce or other family law issue in Orange, California, it is best to consult an experienced mediation advocate for legal support. Mediation consulting can help spouses prepare for upcoming mediation sessions, where spouses must negotiate agreements between themselves on important matters like divorce and child custody. It is best to work with a mediation consulting lawyer like Attorney Kevin B. Gibbs who knows the ins and outs of mediation and can provide the professional assistance you need to feel ready for mediation.

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