What A Mediated Divorce Looks Like

At Gibbs Divorce Mediation, we understand that moving forward with divorce requires confidence in the process. If you are considering divorce mediation, you are probably wondering what the process will look like. Our founding attorney Kevin B. Gibbs has 25 years of divorce experience in California.

We have seen the intimate details of divorce for many families, and we understand how your settlement will affect your life after marriage. Through mediation, you are able to pursue what you believe is best for your family on your own terms. Instead of relying on opposing lawyers and courtroom judges, you and your spouse are able to negotiate with help from a mediator.

How Long Does It Take?

Mediation starts when you and your spouse are ready to be present together in the same room. Once you both agree to pursue mediated solutions to your divorce, a mediator will lead the discussion and help you focus on your goals throughout the process.

Many couples complete mediation in about six months, but this can vary based on your financial situation and other needs after divorce. During this time, you will also have access to professionals other than your mediator, including a certified financial planner who can help you shape your divorce settlement.

Value In The Process

Admittedly, mediation is not always easy, but many couples find value in the fact that they reached an agreement on their terms and on their time, not someone else's. Many couples also find that they can save time and money by making collaborative efforts through the process. However, couples who have significant disagreements or complex arrangements may be better off pursuing a traditional divorce.

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