Divorce Mediation And Dividing Complex Assets

Families in Orange County enjoy their status among the highest median household incomes in the United States, according to U.S. census data. The prevalence of wealth locally combined with California's complex state tax system creates a downside of complicated financial situations for many families.

If you are confronted with divorce, you may feel like you have to be hostile to protect yourself and your assets to remain in control. However, many people who want to pursue adversarial action in divorce end up complicating an already difficult financial situation. Further, they may risk spending more time and money compared to alternative solutions.

Mediation Can Work To Solve Complex Asset Division

Perhaps you have already considered pursuing divorce mediation because you have heard of its cost-saving benefits for most couples, but you are worried that it is not enough to protect your assets or to discover what your spouse might be hiding.

Attorney Kevin B. Gibbs, the founder of Gibbs Divorce Mediation, has 25 years of experience guiding California couples through divorce. We have seen many complex situations resolved through mediation because we know that you understand what is best for your finances more than judges and opposing lawyers.

How Asset Division In California Works Through Mediation

When you work with us through mediation, we offer access to certified financial planners who, in conjunction with your mediator, will provide "wealth education" as it applies to your divorce. Your neutral financial planner will investigate assets, determine the value of your estate, and discuss how you and your spouse can achieve a fair and protected financial outcome after divorce.

Ultimately, we want to give you the due diligence you need to feel protected because we understand that you know what is best for your financial future and your family. Further, we find that most couples who choose mediation over a traditional process can save money in the value of their estate.

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