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What is divorce mediation?

If you are planning to divorce, you may wonder what the divorce process looks like and what your options are for handling your divorce. You may also have questions about those options and it is important to be familiar with all the resources available to determine what the best option for you and your family is.

Divorce mediation is one option that can help avoid divorce litigation during which divorce-related issues are litigated between the couple through the family law court. The mediation process provides an alternative and benefits include utilizing a third-party neutral who can help the divorcing couple effectively negotiate and guide them toward shared agreements concerning the divorce-related issues they need to resolve.

The mediation process, as opposed to the litigation process, has many advantages. When couples have to litigate their divorce-related issues, the family law process is available to them to help them reach a divorce settlement but the decision to mediate can have many benefits. The mediation process, when successful, can create equitable solutions to divorce-related concerns that are agreeable to both parties; avoid both the expense and trauma of litigation; avoid the time-consuming nature of litigation; and minimize hostility following the divorce and create a framework for dealing with future conflicts.

The mediation process works best when the divorcing couples are committed to the success of the process. Divorce mediation is one of several options the family law process provides to help divorcing couples through the divorce-related challenges they face and that couples should understand.

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