Is Divorce Mediation Right For You?

Many people struggle through the divorce process because they do not know where they stand with their spouse, their attorney or in the process. These feelings of uncertainty often result in inaction that could benefit you in the process. It is important that, no matter how you feel, you are willing to be proactive in your divorce.

It is okay to have questions and feel uncertain, but it is nevertheless vital to seek out information that can help you move forward with confidence. You may see divorce as an adversarial process with heated courtroom battles, but this is usually avoidable. One way to do this is to pursue divorce through mediation.

You Can Be In Control Of Your Divorce

You may believe that the circumstances that led to your divorce, including substance abuse or mental illness, were out of your control. However, these can be overcome through mediation. The only requirement to start mediation is that you and your spouse are able to sit in a room together.

Divorce mediation, as the name implies, is carried out with help from a mediator who will guide you to stay focused on what needs to be achieved. Gibbs Divorce Mediation is led by attorney Kevin B. Gibbs who has 25 years of experience helping couples in California through divorce.

Take It One Step At A Time

We can help you overcome the profound challenges you may encounter through divorce mediation, including property division and child custody with our approach called "divisible divorce."

Although your divorce may seem like a daunting concept, we approach your "divisible divorce" by breaking down the process into simple, achievable steps that you can accomplish on a day-to-day basis.

Success Through Self-Determination

Gibbs Divorce Mediation sees a high rate of success among couples who can complete their divorce through mediation because we believe in the power of self-determination. Although you can consult with a divorce-certified lawyer through mediation, we find that you and your spouse are capable of resolving your issues without help from an expert.

You know what is best for you and your family. As your mediator, we will guide you in accomplishing what's best by explaining the law as it applies to your situation and helping you feel comfortable with each step in our "divisible divorce" process.

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