Collaborative Divorce Vs. Mediation

If you are considering divorce, you may have heard about collaborative divorce or mediation. Both of these concepts are ways to approach divorce through alternative dispute resolution (ADR), which means that the settlement of divorce can be reached outside of court.

These ADR processes are similar, but certain considerations to pursue them should be made based on your ability to work with your spouse and your needs after divorce. Gibbs Divorce Mediation has 25 years of experience helping California couples pursue alternatives to traditional divorce, and we are ready to help you decide the right path to take to end your marriage.

How ADR Works

Alternative dispute resolution is different from the traditional divorce process because it allows couples to work together through the process. Instead of going to court with two opposing attorneys, spouses use negotiation to talk through their marital estate with guidance from a mediator or consulting attorneys.

Many divorcing couples take advantage of ADR because they want to have a relatively low-stress divorce that ends in a fair result for themselves and their children. The only requirement to pursue ADR is that you and your spouse are willing to sit in the same room. From there, your mediator or consulting attorneys can lead the discussion and provide access to third-party professionals, including financial planners and child counselors.

In many cases, ADR saves time, money and heartache, but understanding which method to pursue is as important as understanding its benefits.

The Difference Between Mediation And Collaboration

Mediation involves one mediator, sometimes an attorney, who works to establish mutually acceptable agreements between you and your spouse. Collaborative divorce involves you and your spouse, each with separate attorneys, who agree to approach your divorce in an alliance instead of combatively.

If you and your spouse are unable to agree, you may be required to pursue a settlement in the courtroom, but many couples are able to complete their divorce through ADR.

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