A Team Approach To Collaborative Divorce

Throughout your marriage, you and your spouse collaborated on every important decision you made. Sometimes you relied on others to take on the work, but you each had a role in making the decision that led to the action. Collaborative divorce can be thought of in the same way.

Collaborative divorce uses a team approach to reach a settlement that is fair to both you and your spouse. Approaching your divorce this way may save you time, money and conflict through the process because it is done with a team that works cooperatively with each other instead of as adversaries.

How Does The Process Work?

Gibbs Divorce Mediation is led by an attorney with 25 years of family law experience in California. We have seen how collaborative divorce works to achieve a fair outcome for each spouse. Families find this process to be effective because everything is completed via agreement and cooperation, meaning your interests are kept top of mind through every step.

When you and your spouse agree to settle your divorce out of court, your team of attorneys will craft an agreement in a series of informal meetings. The time it takes from start to finish can vary based on your needs, but it is almost always less time than a traditional divorce.

The Pros And Cons Of Collaborative Divorce

No matter how you choose to approach your divorce, it will come with its benefits and drawbacks. As explained, collaborative divorce is your chance to cooperate as your marriage ends. You may also save time and money during the process.

This approach may not work for every couple, especially if you find yourself in a high-conflict situation, but many people can collaborate effectively to end their marriage with help from attorneys and a team of family-focused professionals.

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