When Does Collaborative Divorce Make Sense?

You may be aware of the benefits of collaborative divorce, but is this process right for you? Gibbs Divorce Mediation has 25 years of experience helping couples pursue alternative dispute resolution in divorce.

We provide our clients with seasoned guidance in selecting the right approach to ADR and divorce. Many people choose collaborative divorce, but it is important to consider all of your options under California law.

Is Collaborative Divorce Right For Me?

Collaborative divorce is an effective process for spouses who can manage conflict and disagree productively to reach agreeable solutions. Collaborative divorce is a team process, so you must be willing to do your part.

Collaboration can be right for couples who have a straightforward or well-ordered financial situation. It is also especially beneficial for parents of younger children. The process works to protect your interests in your finances and your family because you can take a direct and responsive role in the process.

You know what is best for your kids and your pocketbook, and we will work cooperatively with your spouse's attorneys to ensure your needs are met. To give you the full team experience, we also offer access to financial planners, mental health professionals and family counselors, so that you can take advantage of every resource available.

Learn More About The Process With A Free Consultation

It is important to remember that a high level of participation and cooperation are needed in collaborative divorce. The process is not for everyone, but couples who complete their divorce with ADR often save themselves time, money and stress compared to a litigious process.

To find out if collaborative divorce makes sense for your family, contact a lawyer at Gibbs Divorce Mediation. Free consultations are available now at our Anaheim office to all residents of Orange County. Call 714-282-5778, or send an email to get in touch with us today.