About Gibbs Divorce Mediation

Gibbs Divorce Mediation was founded in Anaheim by Kevin B. Gibbs. Mr. Gibbs is a state-certified family law attorney who has practiced family law and divorce exclusively for 25 years. Although he does guide families through traditional divorce litigation, Gibbs Divorce Mediation is centered on alternative dispute resolution.

This change of focus means that our primary role is to serve as your mediator. Divorce mediation is different from traditional litigation because your mediator does not have to be a lawyer. However, we believe that you will find value in putting the experience and reputation of Mr. Gibbs on your side through ADR.

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Serving Anaheim And Orange County

Mr. Gibbs was admitted to the The State Bar of California in 1993 after graduating from Western State College of Law that same year. As a longtime resident of California and a state-certified family law attorney, he has seen the consequences of high-conflict, drawn-out divorce litigation.

Our goal at Gibbs Divorce Mediation is to settle your divorce effectively and efficiently while minimizing the stress you and your family feel throughout the process. We have seen ADR work for many local families, and we believe strongly that mediation and collaboration can work for you as well.

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